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"LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER   is a razor blade down the spine.  This is Irish noir with a hero whom you'll want at your back in any gunfight !"  

James Rollins,  New York Times best-selling author of BLACK ORDER.

"LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER bristles with ingenuity, and a plot to kill for ... this is a thriller of such high calibre that it transends all genres!  It rocks!

Ken Bruen, Shamus and Macavity Award winning author of THE GUARDS.

"A high-powered legal thriller chocked full of betrayal, deceit, corruption, and murder.  Mullan is Ireland's answer to John Grisham,  with a smattering of Ross MacDonald thrown in."


J.A.Konrath, author of RUSTY NAIL

 "LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER is a tight, intelligent thriller.  Pat Mullan writes suspense with an edge reminiscent of Bob Ludlum.  An author to watch!"  Cerri Ellis, Mostly Mystery Reviews.


"Pat Mullan is a natural born storyteller with a gripping, engaging style.  He may just be the next big thing in Irish crime fiction." Jason Starr, author of LIGHTS OUT.





          LAST DAYS



Burnt-out lawyer Ed Burke flees New York, a failed marriage, and a high pressure career as a criminal attorney and returns home to Dublin, Europe's most happening city. Hand-in-hand with the new prosperity, a culture of ruthless corruption has taken root and threatens to pervade the highest levels of government in Celtic Tiger Ireland and the EU. Ed's new job, defending a prominent developer in a tribunal investigating the rezoning of prime residential property, draws him into the world of Ireland's elite movers and shakers who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. He is also drawn into a passionate affair with an old flame, Pia, now the glamorous wife of a corrupt and powerful political leader. As his infatuation turns into love, Pia is murdered in his own bed, and Ed has no doubt that her heartless, power-hungry husband is behind this murder. Edmund Burke's quest to avenge Pia and free himself from a troubled past becomes an adrenaline-pumping race to save Ireland from the grip of a cabal of corrupt power brokers. He must find his way through a tangled web of lies, deceit and murder as he matches his wits against the Machiavellian schemes of the rich, the famous and the powerful who seek to mould the future of Europe and the West.


You'll find many of the things that have led to the demise of The Celtic Tiger  inside Last Days of The Tiger.  To quote Cerri Ellis of Mostly Mystery Reviews: "Pat Mullan blends political intrigue and murder with a unique Irish flavor that goes down smooth. His hero, Ed Burke, is striking - almost an anti-hero in some respects.  To unravel the deception and save himself, Burke must test old friendships, and determine who to trust in an Ireland changed by The Celtic Tiger."

"....The central character, Edmund Burke (great name, and great conceit/device) is certainly a character who is worldly wise and i would be intrigued to follow another story of his – the ending of this one seemed pretty final (but I won’t give it away), but I note with pleasure that another one is on the way .

Altogether I am a signed-up fan of Mullan’s work now ...  "     Leslie Gardner 

MY BOOKS and short fiction

Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy leads to one man's downfall.   Fear, Hope, Despair take you from New York to Las Vegas in tbis fast, tense tale.  

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London, Zurich, and the Isle of Man set the stage for the adrenalin-fueled climax  

Ken Bruen says "Wonderful novel !  Moves like a blast of adrenaline."


Read a preview of A DEADLY GAMBLE now !  Just click to read the preview and it will be delivered to you right here.  And, if you enjoy the preview , I would encourage you to buy.  If Ken Bruen likes it, you should too.  Thank you for your interest.

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