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SHORT Stories

If you have not read me before, I suggest that you start with my short stories.  The BUY links below will connect you to the eBook Kindle version where you can acquire them very inexpensively.   

        Galway Girl

shortlisted for Ireland's literary WOW Awards

Shane McGill stepped off the Aer Lingus plane at Shannon feeling the Irish air wrap around him like a familiar old friend. The blue sky was clotted with clumps of white low-hanging clouds, making it close and intimate; so different from the high skies of Colorado.

The immigration official leafed through his US passport, looked at him appraisingly, stamped the passport, and said nothing. Odd, the Irish, Shane thought. They’d talk you to death and they could also be as silent and closed as a Trappist monk. Odd how he could refer to them, in his own head, as the Irish. Almost as if he, himself, wasn’t one of them

The call had come three days ago. His sister Noreen’s voice on the phone. Five years at least since he’d spoken to her. If it hadn’t been for the Ulster traces in her voice, he probably wouldn’t have known who she was. Living in Galway hadn’t eradicated it. “She’s dying now, won’t you come home?” she’d said. He’d taken the first flight out.

He had left in a hurry, years ago, not even taking the time to say goodbye. He’d been ‘on the run’ ever since from a past that haunted him.


Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy lead to one man's downfall. Fear, Hope, Despair takes us from New York to Las Vegas in this fast, tense, tale.


The AVENGER seeks justice. He will punish the guilty and those who cover-up the crimes His justice is swift and deadly, meted out by rope, fire, and blade ...You will love the justice but hate The AVENGER!


This month we feature Pat Mullan, an award-winning Irish writer of thrillers. iPulp is proud to present Galway Noir—a collection of three stories that will introduce readers to Mullan's world of international intrigue.

"Mullan is Ireland's answer to John Grisham, with a smattering of Ross MacDonald thrown in." — JA Konrath, author of RUSTY NAIL

"Pat Mullan is a natural born storyteller with a gripping, engaging style. He may just be the next big thing in Irish crime fiction." — Jason Starr, author of LIGHTS OUT

"Pat Mullan writes suspense with an edge reminiscent of Bob Ludlum. An author to watch!" — Cerri Ellis, Mostly Mystery Reviews


Dr. Dan Grimes was the most sought after computer scientist on the planet. Bill Gates had tried, unsuccessfully, to buy his mind with millions. But wealth didn't motivate Grimes. A minimalist in everything, he lived frugally. Artificial intelligence alone motivated him. He wanted to take AI the next quantum leap. He wanted to train the computer to think, to create, to solve, to function more magnificently than a thousand Einsteins. MIT believed in him. They'd funded him now for ten years. Asked for nothing. No objectives. No project milestones. Nothing. MIT believed. Believed that Grimes's genius would eventually repay them beyond the wildest dreams of even the most far-out thinkers in their renowned research department.


We meet burnt-out lawyer Ed Burke as he flees New York, a failed marriage, and a high pressure career as a criminal attorney and returns home to Dublin, Europe's most happening city. Ed's new job, defending a prominent developer in a tribunal investigating the rezoning of prime residential property, draws him into the world of Ireland's elite movers and shakers who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

Endings, the title of this collection of short work is well chosen. The heart of each lies in the ending. And some of these stories are the end of the beginning because they went on to grow into novels e.g. Tribunal is the start of my novel, Last Days of The Tiger.  Many might be placed in the thriller or crime genre (because that dominates my work) but Facsimile is Science Fiction and I intend to grow it into a novel.  Some of these are so short that I see them as vignettes of life, those slices of life that often have no beginning or middle, but do have an end. Under the Bougainvillea is a good example.

These stories are all about endings, some anticipated, some not.

Thanks for being a reader. You can follow me on Twitter: @PatMullan and on Facebook:


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