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"Pull up a chair and stay a while. I write thrillers and poetry.  Perfectly compatible genres, in case you wondered.  Poetry hones the mind and the skill, as well as providing a respite from the intense commitment I make when I'm in the midst of a thriller.  

Please spend some time with me. I'm sure you'll find something to interest you in my place here in cyberspace. Do come back often.  Thank you!"



"LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER, is a razor blade down the spine.  So fast-paced, expect whiplash.  Grab a copy and clear your schedule!"   James Rollins,  New York Times best-selling author of BLACK ORDER.

Burnt-out lawyer Ed Burke flees New York, a failed marriage, and a high pressure career as a criminal attorney and returns home to Dublin, Europe's most happening city. Hand-in-hand with the new prosperity, a culture of ruthless corruption has taken root and threatens to pervade the highest levels of government in Celtic Tiger Ireland and the EU. Ed's new job, defending a prominent developer in a tribunal investigating the rezoning of prime residential property, draws him into the world of Ireland's elite movers and shakers who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. He is also drawn into a passionate affair with an old flame, Pia, now the glamorous wife of a corrupt and powerful political leader. As his infatuation turns into love, Pia is murdered in his own bed, and Ed has no doubt that her heartless, power-hungry husband is behind this murder. Edmund Burke's quest to avenge Pia and free himself from a troubled past becomes an adrenaline-pumping race to save Ireland from the grip of a cabal of corrupt power brokers. He must find his way through a tangled web of lies, deceit and murder as he matches his wits against the Machiavellian schemes of the rich, the famous and the powerful who seek to mould the future of Europe and the West.


ISBN 978-0759692220

"An even mix of Crichton and Clancy and written equally as well. It's a classic page-turner."

'You know you're reading a good thriller when you start to cast it for the movie before you've even finished.' Eithne Hannigan, BOOK REVIEWS, CONNEMARA LIFE magazine.

You know you're reading a good thriller when you start to cast it for the movie before you've even finished. The plot is as complex as a Grisham novel, with twists and turns that kept me reading all night. It deals with corruption in high places and sinister secret societies and collusion between those who want more power.The characters are exceptionally well drawn and the dialogue fairly whips along. With the action moving from the elegant rooms of the White House to shootings in New York bars, car chases and mysterious cult rituals, the story catapaults the reader around the United States with confidence

Creatures Of Habit

ISBN 978-0983865209

​"Creatures of Habit, the shimmer of evil..."

"There are shades of Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers, and even Tom Clancy in Creatures of Habit, Pat Mullan's powerful new novel.  This is certainly one of the most exciting, and powerful, thrillers I've ever read"    E. M. Schorb : award winning author and poet

Two boys flee in terror across the grounds of their boarding school, on a night when the rain slices the air like sheets of broken glass and trees bend and groan under gale-force winds. Before midnight one will die, exposing a dark world, centuries old.


Blood Red Square

ISBN 978-0615453200

"Pat Mullan shocks us into paying attention from word one, page one and does not let us go until he decides to release us!  That is how compelling BLOOD RED SQUARE reads! " - Robert W. Walker, The Instinct and Edge Series



This is the story of the creation and redemption of a terrorist. It is also a story of revenge. Only one man can stop the terror. Follow him as he moves with equal ease in the halls of power or the dark killing fields of international intrigue.


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